Luxury Wrapped Geometry - Oeno Gold Wine Opener
Luxury Wrapped Geometry - Oeno Gold Wine Opener
Luxury Wrapped Geometry - Oeno Gold Wine Opener
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Luxury Wrapped Geometry - Oeno Gold Wine Opener

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An art object in its own right: a box/sculpture by Margherita Matticari. Woodworked and lacquered by hand, metal, alloys, leather. When closed, Geometry is composed of two triangles. When opened, a circle is revealed with Oeno Motion Gold in its center. The circular design is a nod to the instantly recognizable circle on the corkscrew. The circle and the triangle are essential shapes evoking body and spirit. The shapes also help push the minimalist theme to its limit. Geometry is not a static object; it is dynamic. When closed, it serves as decorative. When open, it’s an invitation to be put to use and savor fine wines.

- Material: Constructed from genuine leather and metal, finished in honeyed gold and matte black
- Shape: Vertical
- Open kit: 7.87 inches high x 18.11 inches wide
- Closed kit: 7.87 inches high x 6.10 inches wide x 2.17 inches deep
- Corkscrew: 6.10 inches high x 4.33 inches wide x 1.18 inches deep

About the Brand
The story of L’Atelier du Vin is inextricably linked to the history of it's founding family.  Originally hailing from France’s Champagne region,  Georges Richard's family has cherished the rituals around wine through three generations. They know just how special it is to savor a fine wine in good company. And are passionate about sharing l’art de vivre le vin à la française – the art of enjoying fine wine, the French way – with wine lovers across France, Europe and the world by designing highly technical, excellent quality tools.