The Framework We Use For Event Gifting

In the world of corporate event planning, crafting memorable experiences doesn't just happen by chance. It's an art form that requires forethought, creativity, and a strategic approach to gifting. As seasoned pros at GiftSuite, we've honed a methodology we affectionately dub the "Success Arc of Event Gifting." This three-part strategy has consistently delivered wins for our clients, turning ordinary events into unforgettable experiences.

Part 1: The Art of Anticipation: Pre-Event Teasers

That buzz of excitement for an upcoming trip or event? It's not just you; there's actual science backing up that thrill. Research indicates that simply looking forward to a positive event can significantly boost our happiness. That's the cornerstone of our Success Arc's first stage: crafting pre-event teasers. Picture this: you're invited to a golfing event and a package lands at your doorstep. Inside, a personalized golf ball or a bespoke tee set hints at the exhilarating competition to come. Even better? Inviting your attendees to co-create in tailoring their own experience. Through a custom landing page, they vote on designs or select their golf wear, ensuring a perfect fit and dodging the all-too-common size mix-up. This not only heightens the anticipation but also personalizes the experience right from the get-go.

Part 2: The Main Event

The heart of our strategy lies in the gifting during the event itself, which boils down to three crucial elements:

  1. The Unboxing Experience: There's something inherently delightful about unveiling a surprise. That's why we advocate for a custom gift box that greets attendees upon arrival. We've gotten creative with 100% reusable travel cases, clear tennis shoe boxes that fold down, and useful bags ensuring whatever we choose is as convenient to transport back home as it is charming.

  2. Follow the Theme: Nothing reinforces the event's message or complements its locale quite like themed gifting. For a golfing event, imagine the delight of unboxing your waiting gift and receiving a mini sunscreen, a custom mister water bottle, personalized shirt and custom golf club cover. These items aren't just gifts; they're tools to enhance the experience and bond over.

  3. Sustainability: In today's world, gifting with a conscience matters more than ever. With 93% of global consumers expecting brands to support social and environmental causes, choosing eco-friendly and ethically sourced gifts can significantly elevate the perception of your brand and event.

Part 3: The Gift of Continuation: Post-Event Follow-Up

The event may end, but the experience should linger. Within a week, sending a personalized thank-you note with a memento, like a photo from the event, or in the past, we've sent custom keychains for a racing event, fun plaques or trophies for golfing events - any small reminder that extends the positive feelings generated during your gathering. 

Conclusion: Mastering the Success Arc

Adopting the Success Arc Strategy for Event Gifting goes beyond mere tactics; it's a holistic framework to forging memorable and lasting connections. At GiftSuite, we cherish the anticipation, revel in the magic of the moment, and savor the joy that comes from reminiscing. Our strategic approach to gifting not only enhances the event experience but also deepens the bond between businesses and their audiences.

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