JackBox Games Party Pack 3

JackBox Games Party Pack 3

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The perfect online entertainment for every one in 2020! Enjoy a variety of easy-to-play party games with your friends, family, and fellow inmates. 

Jackbox Party Pack 3 - the threequel to the party game phenomenon features the deadly quiz show Trivia Murder Party, the say-anything sequel Quiplash 2, the surprising survey game Guesspionage, the t-shirt slugfest Tee K.O., and the sneaky trickster game Fakin' It.

Available on a wide variety of digital platforms including Xbox, PS4, PC, Nintendo & more.

Five entertaining party games
Easy for everyone to play
Up to 8 players and 10,000 viewers 
Product is a card with unlock code


We are a small but mighty studio located in Chicago, Illinois. We’ve been making irreverent party games since 1995 and rebranded as Jackbox Games in 2013. You may know us from the successful trivia franchise, You Don't Know Jack.