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Inspire & Create - Creativity Boost Aromatherapy Inhaler

Inspire & Create - Creativity Boost Aromatherapy Inhaler

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A unique, stress-relieving aromatherapy inhaler for everyday use. Every jar is filled with organic essential oils, inspired by medicinal French aromatherapy, and aromatic spices inspired by traditional Chinese medicine. All oil blends are formulated by a clinical aromatherapist. Lasts 3~4 months after opening.
- Use when you need a creative boost or when feeling stuck while problem-solving.
- Reduces stress-related to anxiety, nervousness, and irritability
- Stimulates and boosts mental energy
- Declutters the mind and helps boost confidence

Madison + Green was founded by a mother-daughter duo, Mia and Jasmine, after they discovered the therapeutic properties of traditional Thai inhalers. Mia, a longtime exponent of aromatherapy, and Jasmine, a certified clinical aromatherapist, decided to bring together traditional Thai inhalers and Western aromatherapy. The resulting range of remedies was a stimulating yet calming collection of inhalers that mother and daughter carefully designed for specific purposes. Everything is carefully handmade in New York, NY. All essential oils, spices, and herbs are all organic, sustainably-sourced, and fair-trade.
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