Resting Boss Face Notebook
Resting Boss Face Notebook

Resting Boss Face Notebook

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Sometimes we need to reclaim and re-appropriate pejoratives. With that, Nu Rule introduces resting boss face. Resting boss face, also known as RBF, is a facial expression of a woman in charge. She may unintentionally appear powerful, authoritative, and confident. This is because she is a boss and her resting state reflects her leadership prowess. The next time someone asks you to smile, feel free to rock the RBF instead – we have work to do, after all.

Soft matte red cover with white title
5.25 in x 8 in
Lined cream paper
100 pages (50 sheets)

nu rule notebooks are ruled notebooks made for womxn and our allies. Nu is the pronunciation of “女”, the Chinese word for woman. nu rule represents the modern movement for female empowerment. By leading in offices, classrooms, governments, and beyond, we are establishing a new rule.