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R.O.C.K.S. Whiskey Gift Set

Regular price $115.00

This all-inclusive price includes premium gift wrapping, card, hand-packing and complimentary ground shipping. 

Indulge the whiskey enthusiast in your life with our curated ROCKS gift set. Elevate tasting experiences and entertain with style. Crafted for those who appreciate life's finest. Awarded & loved by thousands including industry experts, ROCKS stunning whiskey stones are a Connoisseur's must have.

- Decanter: 650ml, 22oz
- Glasses: 250ml, 8.5oz x 4
- Six Chilling Stones
- Chilling Stone Holder Tray

About the Brand
ROCKS is loved by thousands of whiskey enthusiasts and is recognized internationally as the leading whiskey stones brand. Polished to perfection, our iconic handcrafted granite stones let you enjoy your favorite spirits, the right way. From idea brief to conceptualization, our unparalleled commitment to quality is what makes us stand out as the preferred connoisseur's choice.