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VSSL Coffee Grinder - GiftSuite
VSSL Coffee Grinder - GiftSuite
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Luxury Wrapped JAVA Coffee Grinder

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This all-inclusive price includes premium gift wrapping, card, hand-packing and complimentary ground shipping. 

VSSL JAVA is the ultimate manual coffee grinder designed for gear and outdoor enthusiasts ready to take an upgraded coffee experience anywhere. Designed with VSSL's unique clip & flip carabiner-to-grind handle, which makes it easy to find a way to carry your Java wherever you go. And a quick-release top to quickly add your beans. Fifty unique grind settings allow you to achieve the ideal grind consistency to match your chosen brew method. 6 inches x 2 inches.

About the Brand
VSSL doesn’t just make quality outdoor gear, they also care about making an impact on our community. VSSL are experts in self-sufficiency and believe good things come to those who are ready. Their essential supplies, purpose-built equipment, and compact storage solutions are made from the very best materials and premium components. VSSL was built to adventure as hard as you do. They are committed to quality, and have built a reputation for long-lasting, high-performing products.