CrazyCap Sapphire Bottle on
CrazyCap Sapphire Bottle on
Years of research, development and testing have led to CrazyCap's ingenious design and host of features.

Crazy Cap - Sanitize Your Water, Sanitize Your Surfaces

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Clean water and clean surfaces, anywhere, anytime.

CrazyCap, which uses advanced deep UV LED to sterilize water, is the result of years of research, testing, and development in partnership with leading labs around the world. 

In addition to sanitizing your drinking water, CrazyCap's ingenious design also allows you to use its deep UV light to eliminate up to 99% of germs on surfaces like your phone, keyboard, work surfaces, utensils, and more. Expose up to 10 square inches of the surface during Crazy Mode. No filters to replace. No batteries to lose. Just a maintenance-free solution designed to perform. 


From The Crazy Cap Founder: People ask me every day: ‘You are solving some serious global challenges. Why the childish name?’ I come from the medical community, where I noticed that the scary terminology of disease, diagnosis, and medication negatively affects clients on the subconscious level. They always think they are dealing with an Everest issue. With CrazyCap, I wanted to shock people into joy and understanding. So I chose a name every child can pronounce. After all, our mission saves children all over the globe.

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