Smart Garden 3
Smart Garden 3
Smart Garden 3
Smart Garden 3

Smart Garden 3

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The Smart Garden 3 is an innovative indoor garden that cares for itself and grows fresh, flavorful herbs, fruits and vegetables. The Click & Grow indoor garden works just like a capsule coffee machine, but for plants. Instead of coffee pods, included are biodegradable plant pods that have seeds and nutrients inside so you can effortlessly grow fresh herbs and plants all year round. As seen in TechCrunch, Vogue, The New York Times, Business Insider and Wired.

Perfectly calibrated automated watering, light and nutrients
1.2L/40 oz water tank
Power consumption: 8W
Plant pod capacity: 3
Biodegradeable capsules
Includes 3 basil plant pods
App connectivity

Click & Grow builds smart gardens that bridge the gap between modern life and nature. Founded in 2009 after reading a NASA report about growing plants in space, Mattias Lepp became inspired to develop the first ever indoor garden that took care of plants automatically. After working with universities around the world to fine-tune the technology, the concept of the Click & Grow Smart Garden was born. Smart Gardens make it possible to grow plants 365 days a year in even the most busiest households. They take care of watering, light and nutrients, while you reap the benefits.