New York Blend Tea

New York Blend Tea

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A calming infusion designed to ease the mind and delight the senses. This tea is a combination of relaxing chamomile, soothing ginger root, and refreshing peppermint for a caffeine-free tisane. Ideal for starting, or ending a busy day.

Tin of 20 sachets
Ingredients: Chamomile, ginger root, peppermint

Over 30 years ago in Salisbury, Connecticut, proprietor of the historic White Hart Inn, John Harney developed a passion for the fine teas. Starting production out of his basement in 1983, John began his journey in mastering the art of tea blending. Now headquartered in Millerton, New York, the company sources, blends, and packages their product from start to finish, and has grown from their original six teas to more than three hundred.

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