Moroccan Macaroons Orange Blossom & Almond
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Moroccan Orange Blossom & Almond Cookies-Gluten/Dairy Free

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The Classic Moroccan macaron (kosher/dairy&gluten free). Beneath the white sugar crust is a delicate cookie, slightly crispy on the outside but crumbles in the mouth to a soft and chewy bite of flavours. Almonds, orange blossom water, and icing sugar all meet to make this exceptional macaron. 

    Meska Sweets offers Gluten/Dairy Free Kosher Moroccan Cookies handmade in NJ in small batches with natural ingredients & no preservatives. We started Meska Sweets to share the flavors we grew up with and bring our love for this Moroccan tradition to the rest of the world. Every cookie we make is based on the same recipes our mothers, grandmothers, and generations of women before them used to make perfect artisanal Moroccan cookies that will melt your heart.
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