Lucky Cat Flying Wish Paper on
Lucky Cat Flying Wish Paper

Lucky Cat Flying Wish Paper

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Everybody loves to make a wish with these wishing activity kits - created to celebrate, empower and inspire. Write your wish and watch it FLY! Think of a special wish and write it on the Flying Wish Paper. Shape your paper into a tube and place it on the Wish Platform. Light the top edge and watch it burn down in a small, beautiful flame. At the last moment, your wish magically lifts off the platform and rises to the heavens! This whimsical party activity quickly showed itself as a powerful spiritual tool to manifest your dreams and desires.

Launched in 2008 with a handful of prototypes at The National Stationery Show in NYC, with the smallest booth in the darkest corner on the biggest stage in trade show venues. Founder Julia Lambie demo'd a few wishes, wrote some orders...and the next month Flying Wish Paper was featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno. WISHFUL THINKING? Yes! And a lot of hard work and good luck. 
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