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I Am Gorgeous Castile Body Wash

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Float away under an enchanting spell of Clean Rebellion's 100% Pure Organic Sicilian Castile Soap. Blended with vibrant sun-ripened, juicy pink grapefruit essential oil extracted into a luxurious soap. I Am Gorgeous delivers happy, youthful skin with each wash. Made with clean, simple ingredients:

  • Water
  • Saponified Organic Olive Oil
  • Plant-based Pink Grapefruit Essential Oil
We started Clean Rebellion after realizing that the standard, everyday castile soap sold in stores was better suited for cleaning sinks than rejuvenating our skin. So, we set out to create a super-powered castile soap – just for your skin. 
We get asked, “What’s with the affirmations on every bottle?!” We believe that positive affirmations have the ability to transform our lives. For years, the beauty industry has told us that “we’re not enough.” We’re rebelling against that messaging and it starts with our packaging. It is to remind you that you are more than enough every single day.
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